zielona kanapa przy małym drewnianym stoliku, czerwone kwiaty w dużym wazonie na stole


Passionate kitchen

Opening Hours:

Hotel Park Restaurant

Monday – Sunday: 12:00 – 22:00

Are you dreaming of a special evening? Our restaurant is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or meeting with friends.

potrawa mięsna na białym prostokątnym talerzu, obok sztućce

Our restaurant

PARK Restaurant is one of the most unusual places on the culinary map of Kuyavia. Located on the edge of the Spa Park, it attracts attention with its elegant interiors and seasonal menu. The whole creates an intimate, unique atmosphere that allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city – invaluable for those who want to combine an intimate atmosphere and culinary rapture are looking for the highest quality service.

The cuisine in the restaurant is a combination of regional cuisine of Kujawy and the latest culinary trends. The menu changes seasonally, and products sourced from regional suppliers create an unforgettable culinary experience.

zielona kanapa przy małym drewnianym stoliku, czerwone kwiaty w dużym wazonie na stole

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Park Restaurant offers you catering, which has brought us a number of successes over the years. We can boast the largest and most modern catering kitchen in Inowrocław, which can cope with orders for several hundred people, maintaining the highest standard and quality.

We organize all kinds of parties and celebrations from business meetings, corporate events to balls and family celebrations. We have large outdoor facilities which allows us to organize corporate events for several hundred people. We also have professional multimedia equipment, necessary to organize presentations or conferences.



Welcome to our bar, a place where art meets joy and flavors become unforgettable. Our team of bartenders are artists who play with flavors and ingredients, creating drinks that delight both the palate and the visual senses.

Our drink menu is a collection of classic compositions and innovative concepts. Whether you are a fan of the classics in the form of a Martini or Mojito, or you are looking for something completely original, you will find something for you here. Our drinks are prepared with attention to the quality of the ingredients, and each glass is a composition of flavors and textures that will catch your eye.

drink z cytryną
    regał z winami, za nim duży stół z krzesłami, szable w szklanych szafkach na ścianie
    różowe fotele przy małym stoliku, kwiaty, w tle regały i kolejne stoły
    kolorowa restauracja, krzesła, stoły, kwiaty

Special events

Special events are our specialty. Both intimate ones related to the celebration of Baptism, Communion, as well as refined Weddings, celebrating the most beautiful moments of the Wedding. Our restaurant is adjacent to the Saline Park, which on sunny days allows you to take afternoon walks. At the same time, your children are not forced to stay indoors, and during the party/event they can safely play outdoors. The space we have allows us to organize weddings for up to 100 and parties for up to 150 people.

The menu for the wedding reception is prepared based on the suggestions of our guests.